Book-The Eureka Flag: Our Starry Banner

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The Eureka Flag: Our Starry Banner

by Dorothy Wickham, Clare Gervasoni, Val D'Angri ISBN 978 1 876478 13 1

One hundred and nineteen years after Anastasia Withers sewed the Eureka Flag, her great granddaughter, Val D'Angri, helped to conserve this nationally significant icon.

This book gives a brief overview of Eureka, the significance of the Eureka Flag, and looks at conflicting stories about the Flag's origins.

The construction and conservation of the Eureka Flag is outlined in section four. For example, did you know that a dressmakerís pin was found in a seam of the flag during conservation?

This book contains illustrations of details of the Eureka Flag drawn to exacting scale.

80pp, B&W, illustrations, index